What if Jon Hunstman hadn’t raised his hand?

In Uncategorized on August 15, 2011 at 9:40 pm

In the GOP debate last week, what if Jon Huntsman had refused to raise his hand in favor of blanket opposition to tax increases?

A friend from the center-right, who I will call Captain America, and I had a conversation earlier and concluded that Hunstman would have lost Iowa in the same way he will lose Iowa after raising his hand. However, he would have awakened the roughly 75% of the GOP that is okay with revenue increases to his campaign. He would have made inroads in New Hampshire and possibly won. His momentum would have carried him into South Carolina where he would place much higher than expected. And then who knows? He might not have won the nomination, but he wouldn’t be the guy that only a handful of moderate Republicans will remember in future years as the candidate that sort-of, kind-of represented the center but about whom everyone else forgets.

Alas… he raised his hand.

  1. […] Tyler Craft, I wish Jon Huntsman had not raised his hand to state he would never increase taxes if he were President.  But I disagree with Tyler on this: A […]

  2. […] Tyler Craft and I had a brief discussion on how Huntsman should campaign.  Tyler believes that Huntsman should basically go for broke and break from the traditional GOP campaign mode.  It seems that James Joyner agrees, saying that if Huntsman is going to lose anyway he should just “swing for the fences:” When you’re probably going to lose anyway, it’s always the right strategy to be true to yourself, swing for the fences, and try to distinguish yourself from your opponents. It’s more fun, likely to earn you some respect, and leaves you with fewer regrets. […]

  3. […] and I have written plenty of positive things about Jon Huntsman on the blog. We gave him credit for [occasionally] standing up to his party’s most extreme elements during his presidential bid. We even waxed […]

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